Testing in the Bing Cloud

Ken Johnston references BUFT in his latest blog on Bing Jobs: Testing in the Bing Cloud Check it out.

Agile versus Waterfall Videos

The Rise and Fall of Waterfall is a cute video (although with a somewhat annoying soundtrack.. watch with the sound off).  My favorite part of it is the screenshot (seen above) showing the waterfall stages and their respective impacts.  The poor Operations folks at the bottom remind me of Ken Johnston’s quote: Ops beware; unpleasant…

Engineering Hubris

http://xkcd.com/319/ (remember the name of this blog is “Your Software has Bugs” 🙂

What The Heck Is Cloud Computing? – A Brief Re-Look

In a previous post, “What The Heck Is Cloud Computing?” I broke the cloud up into three categories.  however I do not think I did a good job of delineating these categories with examples.  So here goes: IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service   Storage: Amazon S3 (BLOB storage), Amazon SDB (Table Storage), Microsoft Windows Azure Simple…

Code Coverage, It’s Exciting!

In the recent Star Trek movie, following an on bridge brawl between Kirk and Spock, new arrival Scotty announces “I like this ship, it’s exciting!“.  Now replace “this ship” with “debates about code coverage” and you’ll understand the tone of this blog post.   As someone new to blogging I feel I can learn a lot…


What The Heck Is Cloud Computing?

Larry Ellison, Founder and CEO of Oracle, asks the above question (using the R-rated word instead of my PG substitution) in this audio sound bite as his way of saying the term is meaningless and ill-defined. His rant becomes even more strident in this video, although in both he does label those that would use…