More on Microsoft codename “Blue”

Found this article which substantiates the previous one on Windows Blue

The first glimpse of how this plan might come together was unveiled two weeks ago, and was termed the codename "Blue," - a plan promising to roll out more frequent and more incremental updates of Windows, Windows Phone, Office and Xbox software. More than that, those updates will be coordinated across Microsoft's multiple platforms, to get all customers' "devices, apps and services working together."

It also adds a new aspect to the definition of what Blue represents.  “Coordinated across Microsoft’s multiple platforms” is the key here.  It is clear to many that with the decrease in PC sales and market share struggle of Windows Phone the key to Microsoft’s success is to leverage its ecosystem of PC, tablet, TV (console), and Phone.   It things could just work seamlessly together, and apps work across all these devices, then that would be the competitive edge that would propel Microsoft success for the next decade.  

For example Xbox is the best-selling gaming console in the United States for 25 consecutive months with 70 million sold to date.  It is a huge success for Microsoft.  There is a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app that works together with Xbox called SmartGlass.  It’s cute.   But as James Whittaker puts it, the goal is to make it so that if you own an Xbox you would have to be an idiot to own anything other than a Windows Phone and WIndows 8 tablet because they work together so well and do things no other devices can do… they work together like magic.

Will Blue deliver on this?  I cannot say as I do not have that particular inside knowledge (and if I did, I would not be blogging about it right now).  But from what the public sourced materials say, it looks like that might be the goal.  I don’t expect the “magic” immediately, but with the more frequent and iterative approach of Blue, it can happen.


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  1. Adrian says:

    Let's just hope they can somehow pull it off, for years they have promised this kind of cross compatibility, but for years they have delivered half hearted attempts….bluray playback…media center….playto… glass… ce… phone….so much potential but for one reason or another, the end result is a useless collection of partially working technologies.

    In my opinion, too many departments with their own agendas and priorities are the reasons for stifling innovation across the ecosystems…..lets hope the future will be different.

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