TiP by any other name

Somewhat often I get someone who hears what I have to say about Testing in Production (TiP), but thinks it will be a hard-sell to their management or peers with that name.  So I will propose using a name like

  • Monitoring for Quality


  • Post-Deployment Validation

Please use the comments section to propose your own alternate names for TiP.  Feel free to have fun with it.

Comments (2)

  1. Marc van 't Veer says:

    TiP can also be called:

    in-service inspections and testing or continued quality assu

    But it is basically a system testing in a different environment. See here a quote from a article I wrote:"Testing in production can be compared to system testing. A system test is done by a supplier on a lab or test environment, with the goal that the developed system complies with the functional and non-functional speci- fications, and with the technical design (Aalst, 2006). The difference is that TiP is using the production environment and that behavior is inspected with the possible edge cases that occur naturally there. These edge cases are unthought-of and unpredictable. By using the production environment with real users, this diversity is used for testing. With system testing the focus is on expected behavior and with TiP the focus is on unexpected"

    So TiP is system testing.

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