Software Testing circa 1985 – How’s that working for you?


This ad, recruiting software testers for Microsoft, ran in 1985

As a Software Tester you will design execute and document tests of application software.  You will generate test scripts and automatic test packages.  This is a challenging and highly visible position within a fast growing division of Microsoft.

If this sounds like your job position, or the tester role on your team, then perhaps you should consider if there are any advancements to be leveraged in the last 27 years.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are still good, but if you are running and testing a software service, then there is a whole toolbox of new tools and techniques you are leaving on the table if this is all you do.

I delve into this on my recent STPCon article

Back to the Future: Where We're Going, We Don't Need... Test Cases

and yes, we actually still need test cases….  just trying to fit the meme for the title Smile

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