Want to work on the cloud? Want to work for Larry Ellison?


Oracle is having a Cloud Computing Career Fair.  If you go be sure to ask them What the Hell is Cloud Computing?   In 2008 Oracle CEO Larry Ellison shared his views on Cloud Computing, mocking the fact that it was nothing new and only a marketing term.

Other questions that Larry pondered that you may want to ask at the career fair:

  • When is this idiocy going to stop?
  • What are you doing differently for “Cloud Computing” other than marketing?

If the fair folks look at you funny be sure to tell them that the “…all [the cloud] is, is a computer attached to a network”.  Larry said that in 2009 when he continued his rant,

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Bashes ‘Cloud Computing’

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  1. Seth Eliot says:

    And it seems Oracle and Larry have swept the "washies"… the award for best (that is to say worst) cloud-washing


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