Microsoft and Design: The New Logo

Today Microsoft has launched a new Logo and it looks like this:


(hey, if you are going to any of the logos on this page, then be sure you know and follow the legal guidelines on using logos)

The symbol on the left has actually been in use for over a year now as part of the branding of the Microsoft retail stores (coming soon to a town near you!).

The text part (known to our marketeers as the “logotype”) uses a font called Segoe, which is the new Microsoft standard… you’ve seen it on Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8, the Microsoft website, etc, etc.

To celebrate the launch of the new corporate logo, I thought I would assemble here some of the latest and greatest Microsoft product logos that also follow this new design philosophy

Both Window 8 and Office 2012 use perspective in their new logos


office Ofc_Orng166_rgb

Xbox has its classic silver and green logo, and a “new style” white on solid version

Xbox_360_Logo_-_Horizontal_Web xbox

Windows Azure has the classic “glowing” blue (azure) and a newer solid version

Windows_Azure_-_Horizontal_Web windows_azure

Windows Phone moved to its red stage when 7.5 (Mango) came out.  There also appears to be a white on solid version

image windows_phone

Bing has had the same logo since its launch in 2009.   Is it time for a change?


Finally, not a logo, but you may have seen these clouds in Microsoft literature.
















There are plenty of other products and logos I did not cover here because they do not typify the new philosophy, so perhaps we are going to see updates in thee soon.

Comments (4)

  1. Stephen Wells says:

    The Bing one looks woefully out of date.

    They should really just change its name while they are in this process of change, Bing is not a recognised name by anyone really.

  2. Walter says:

    Why didn't they update the Azure and Phone logos to match the Windows logo?  They moved away from the Flag, but only sort of…

  3. Seth Eliot says:

    Walter, I have no insight on what future plans are, but the Azure and Phone logos are older than the new Company, Windows, and Office logos…so maybe something new will be on the way…..

  4. James says:

    The new logo is simply awesome. I must say that this has been designed by some professional logo designers. if it has not been done by professionals then it couldn't be so good.

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