The Four Colors of Microsoft, revisited

Previously I explored if we could substantiate the rumor that the new Microsoft logo colors each represented a distinct product or business group within Microsoft The Four Colors of the New Microsoft Company Logo Has this been substantiated?  Microsoft is being a bit of a tease showing some signs yes, and some signs no  …


See A to Z Testing in Production Online – STP Webinar

  If you are interested in hearing my popular STPCon talk (last delivered in October) A to Z Testing in Production: Industry Leading Techniques to Leverage Big Data for Quality …then you have one more chance to see it online. Just sign up for the STP Online Summit: Hottest Testing Topics in 2012 My Talk…


Interview with me from STPCon, October 2012

    If you would like to hear the sound of my voice, Mark Tomlinson was kind enough to interview me at STPCon, you can hear that here.


Testing in Production: Buzzword Compliant Edition

  Monitoring: What Ops does, using data from production + Testing: What Test Does = TestOps, augmenting the signal for assessing quality with Big Data More details on TestOps here Big Data is often defined by the three V’s Volume Velocity Variability But let’s not get hung up on that. Sometimes two V’s are enough…


The return of A-Z Testing in Production – STPCon Fall 2012

Download the Slide Deck: PPT PDF The folks at STPCon had asked me to give an encore presentation of my March 2012 talk A to Z Testing in Production: TiP Methodologies, Techniques, and Examples. The new talk has some substantial updates including more focus on the use of Big-Data and a simplified categorization of test…


Software Testing circa 1985 – How’s that working for you?

This ad, recruiting software testers for Microsoft, ran in 1985 As a Software Tester you will design execute and document tests of application software.  You will generate test scripts and automatic test packages.  This is a challenging and highly visible position within a fast growing division of Microsoft. If this sounds like your job position,…


Want to work on the cloud? Want to work for Larry Ellison?

Oracle is having a Cloud Computing Career Fair.  If you go be sure to ask them What the Hell is Cloud Computing?   In 2008 Oracle CEO Larry Ellison shared his views on Cloud Computing, mocking the fact that it was nothing new and only a marketing term. Other questions that Larry pondered that you may…


The Four Colors of the New Microsoft Company Logo

In a previous blog post I talked about the introduction of the new Microsoft Logo.   Another source on the web (sorry, cannot remember where) has pointed out that each of the 4 colors in the new company logo represents a division or product line, and each color is used in that respective product’s logo. …


Microsoft and Design: The New Logo

Today Microsoft has launched a new Logo and it looks like this: (hey, if you are going to any of the logos on this page, then be sure you know and follow the legal guidelines on using logos) The symbol on the left has actually been in use for over a year now as part…


Testing in The Cloud

Just had a piece published in The Testing Planet on Testing in the Cloud The Cloud enables new tools and methodologies for testing your product whether the product itself is hosted in the cloud or not. Learn about Test in Cloud, Canary Deployment, Synthetic User Simulation, and Big Data for Quality. The Testing Planet –…