PDC video, TechEd Iceland, VS2010, profiling, Silverlight 4

(I know I promised this eons ago, so apologies in advance… on the flipside, I’m posting from my vacation in Paris, so hopefully that earns me 1-2 brownie points back.) First, my PDC slides and the video. This is the same talk that I gave at TechEd Iceland for profiling.  I was recently reminded to…


PDC: Deep Dive into building an optimized graphics-intensive SL app

Thank you everyone for attending. For those who could not make it, you can check out my talk here on channel9, it was PC06: In this deep dive session we pull the covers off of the layout, rendering, and media pipelines to discuss how things work and how to optimize your application. This session covers…


XPerf: A CPU Sampler for Silverlight

For those of you who are a) building graphics-intensive applications or b) trying to debug your performance, I would like to introduce xperf and xperfview. These are two profiling tools which can be used to analyze the performance of any Microsoft technology, including Silverlight.   These tools have existed internally for quite some time, and…


HW Acceleration of Layered Windows – Good news!

Good news! A QFE has been released to enable WPF HW acceleration on layered windows on XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/937106/en-us enjoy!


Layered windows…SW is sometimes faster than HW

Previously, I had posted that Avalon’s layered windows on XP will be rendered via the software pipeline. One can create a layered window by setting Window.AllowsTransparency=”true”. I’ve seen a few forum posts about performance issues, and the key takeaway point is that your mileage will vary depending on your video card. In order to render…


Avalon Hardware Acceleration & Video Driver Compat

Hello. Seema Ramchandani here, PM of the Avalon 2d & 3D graphics team.   Many people have asked me about what is this celebrated feature called “Hardware Acceleration”. In this post, “hardware acceleration” refers to harnessing the GPU to render, leaving the CPU free for other calculations.   In Beta 2, Avalon attempts to hardware…