a vista simulator in WPF/E?

This is very sweet… click on the button on the left http://www.vista.si/main.htm (I don’t know what the right button does…translations are welcome)


Feb CTP for WPF/E is here!

The most recent CTP for WPF/E on the Windows and Mac are now live. Check out the details on Mike’s blog http://blogs.msdn.com/mharsh/archive/2007/02/01/wpf-e-pad-and-others-updated-for-the-feb-ctp.aspx Enjoy!.seema.


A Chat with WPF experts and other news…

Our wonderful platform evangelist, Tim Sneath, has organized an event to talk to the WPF experts. I will unfortunately not be able to attend as I am celebrating my birthday with my family. =)  Tim sends out the formal invitation: Following on from a couple of requests, I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be hosting…


“Why do my bitmaps look blurry?” by Anthony Hodsdon & Miles Cohen

Guest Writers: Anthony & Miles are Developers on the WPF 2D Graphics team. Anthony specializes on our Geometry, Miles focuses on the Brushes codepath. We in WPF-land have been fielding a lot questions from folks concerned that bitmaps viewed in WPF tend to look a little soft — to be precise, that crisp lines in…


On some monitors, it seems that thin WPF lines are blurred across two pixels instead of one. Ick. How do I get sharply rendered lines?

  Rectangle Without Pixel snapping With Pixel Snapping An anti-aliased rectangle zoomed in on Magnifier:   WPF offers a way to get sharp lines and keep anti-aliasing, by auto-magically aligning the horizontal and vertical edges of a UIElement to land on the pixel grid when you set UIElement.SnapsToDevicePixels=true. The property inherits: set SnapsToDevicePixels on your…


Layered windows…SW is sometimes faster than HW

Previously, I had posted that Avalon’s layered windows on XP will be rendered via the software pipeline. One can create a layered window by setting Window.AllowsTransparency=”true”. I’ve seen a few forum posts about performance issues, and the key takeaway point is that your mileage will vary depending on your video card. In order to render…


After animating text, the text seems to pause for 1 second and then render more sharply than before. Why is that?

  In all 4 images, we see anti-aliased, sub-pixel positioned, ClearType text. The rendering on the right column is pixel snapped, which sends the glyphs through a refined codepath by Mikhail Lyapunov for rendering the final text in an extremely polished state; every time one changes the location or size of the text, it runs…


HW Acceleration of Layered Windows for RTM

To obtain GPU-accelerated rendering, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) normally renders and presents graphical content through the DirectX pipeline – including the composition of the scene geometry and presentation of the results.   Since before Windows XP, Win32 has supported an alternative window presentation mechanism called “layered windows”.  Layered windows allow for top-level window transparency effects when…


Avalon Hardware Acceleration & Video Driver Compat

Hello. Seema Ramchandani here, PM of the Avalon 2d & 3D graphics team.   Many people have asked me about what is this celebrated feature called “Hardware Acceleration”. In this post, “hardware acceleration” refers to harnessing the GPU to render, leaving the CPU free for other calculations.   In Beta 2, Avalon attempts to hardware…