Going to Vegas with my Phone…

For those wondering my current project is, I can finally talk about it! I'll be speaking at Mix, hope to see you there!



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  1. Is your demo code from the presentation available?

    Enjoyed your presentation.  Very informative.

  2. Trees says:

    Hi Seema, tyvm for your great talk, it was very informative!

    I am curious to learn more about something you mentioned around 19:50 in your talk. You mentioned frequency of events will vary on different devices. I wondered if you could elaborate on this a little further as I am not clear what the meaning of this was?

  3. Trees says:

    Also, are you able to give any indication what timeframe MS is currently targeting for clr profiling to be incorporated into phone silverlight?

  4. bwross says:

    I ran a simple test of animating a rectangle by using a DispatcherTimer with 15ms interval and changing the X,Y values of the rectangle translate transform in the Tick event handler.  The frame rate is not very consistent and doesn’t get much above 30fps for either the render or ui thread.  Is this expected and, if so, is there any recommendation for doing something like a manual game loop that is consistent (aside from switching to use the XNA framework)?

  5. ruairispain says:

    I’m looking at physics games for WP7.  After seeing your Mix presentation I am worried that the phone won’t be capable of running physics games.  I’ve looked at using Farseer, Box2D and Chris Cavanagh’s Jello physics engine.

    You mentioned that the phone will have a hard time with GameLoops.  Apart from BitMapCache, I don’t see much of a solution.

    It’s hard to develop real games without a real phone to test our scenarios.  Are you really suggesting games should be developed with XNA instead of Silverlight?

  6. Scott.havird says:

    Enjoyed your presentation as well.  I will use these best practices in my applications.  Is the demo code from the presentation available?  I am curious how your team did the writablebitmap images.  Thanks again!

  7. ricflams says:

    In the Q&A near the end you mention there are no profiling support in the WP7 CLR. That's true and that's why there has been no code-profilers available so far. Until now, that is, because with the new EQATEC Profiler 3.5 you can finally profile WP7 Silverlight apps. And not only on the emulator but even on real phone-devices. See http://www.eqatec.com/profiler to get it (it's free).

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