Video of "Deep Dive into SL Graphics" is posted

The video for my talk on graphics is now posted, with slides:


Note that I deleted the original images from the project -- so, before pressing F5, replace trees.jpg and spring.jpg with actual images.
I'll post detailed steps shortly, but this should get most of you unblocked. Make sure to install the Pixel Shader Build Task before using (see below)

Pixel Shader Resources:


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  1. Found a great video about creating your own pixel shaders and other graphics tools using Silverlight

  2. grisjuan says:

    In this talk, you discussed the overlays produced by the enableCacheVisualization param.

    I think you said something like this: an overlay color means Silverlight decided to hardware cache an element that the programmer did not ask to be cached. Did I get that right?

    Then you said red means an implicit cache behind (I assume in z-order?) the explicitly cached element and green means in front. Is that right?

    The docs say enableGpuVisualization "shows areas of a page that are being GPU accelerated with a colored overlay." This doesn’t seem to match up exactly with what you said so I’m a bit confused.


  3. seemar1 says:

    Hi Grisjuan, so sorry about the delay. The docs are incorrect: we show areas of a page that are NOT being GPU accelerated with a colored overlay. I’ll file a doc bug, thanks!

    In the sample that I was showing at the time — it happened that red was the implicit cache of the background, and the green colored the uncached item in front. =)


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