Summary of the 20min perf talk

The 20 minute talk is posted here. I spoke till the speaker timer started to flash at me (giant flashing clock), which resulted in having no time for a forum Q&A, but feel free to post your questions/comments down below. I'm always curious about what perf issues people are hitting. 

Understanding perf issues gives me an idea of how people are stretching the platform beyond our key scenarios, and which APIs/codepaths we should improve in the next version.

Tim Sneath wrote an excellent writeup of my 20min mix session on writing an optimized SL app. I almost wish that I had his post to read off as a script!

Talk Video & PPT:
Tim's great summary:

Cheers, Seema

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  1. grisjuan says:

    In your talk, you mentioned the ‘ugly’ numbers in the upper left corner. Can you please point me to where they are documented? I can’t find any mention of them. I’d like to know what each of them means (frame rate seems obvious but the others are a bit of a mystery).

    Also, you need to turn on both gpu accel and framerate counter for them to show up, correct?


  2. seemar1 says:

    Sorry for the delay again. You do need to turn on both EnableGpuAcceleration (in your html or aspx…before SL gets created) and EnableFrameRateCounter to see the numbers.

    The numbers are: Framerate (estimated), Amount of VRAM in KBytes, # of intermediate textures, # of cached nodes, # of intermediate nodes.

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