What is the Silverlight Font?

Saw this forum post, and thought it worthwhile to send out an FYI to the rest of the world: In Silverlight 1.0, we use Lucida as the default font. For Silverlight 2 apps, we created a world-friendly font, called the Portable UI font (PUI!), which uses the Verdana glyphs for the Western characters and a variety…


Getting to the Media FastPath

Earlier this week, us in the Silverlight perf and media teams reviewed Ben Waggoner’s tutorial on how to build fast media players, check it out here: http://on10.net/blogs/benwagg/Building-high-performance-Silverlight-Media-Players/ Tis a great how to guide. (now I’m really going home. Seema)


EnableFramerateCounter, Setting your Framerate correctly

Debug toolI posted about EnableFramerateCounter before — it is a simple little debugging setting that you can use when trying to figure out: Which of these designs hurts my framerate more? If I add this module in, does it hurt my framerate? To figure these out, you can: Set the plugin’s desired framerate at 1000 (silverlightObject.settings.MaxFrameRate OR…


PDC: Deep Dive into building an optimized graphics-intensive SL app

Thank you everyone for attending. For those who could not make it, you can check out my talk here on channel9, it was PC06: In this deep dive session we pull the covers off of the layout, rendering, and media pipelines to discuss how things work and how to optimize your application. This session covers…


We Shipped! See you at the PDC!

We shipped Silverlight 2! Hurrah!  We made a push to fix several perf improvements throughout the platform between the RC and RTM, let me know if a) you see an improvement that you like! b) something that we still need to fix!  I’ll be heading to the PDC on Monday morning to give a talk:…

XPerf: A CPU Sampler for Silverlight

For those of you who are a) building graphics-intensive applications or b) trying to debug your performance, I would like to introduce xperf and xperfview. These are two profiling tools which can be used to analyze the performance of any Microsoft technology, including Silverlight.   These tools have existed internally for quite some time, and…