Perf Debugging Tips: EnableRedrawRegions & a performance bug in VideoBrush

Was chatting with Andy Beaulieu at Remix Boston, and he was commenting that it seems that Silverlight only draws when needed — it is true, we try to not waste your CPU cycles. For Perf debugging, a way to tell when you are causing a redraw is to turn on the control’s EnableRedrawRegions property. agControl.settings.EnableRedrawRegions =…


Macintosh & Silverlight perf…

I met recently with two designers trying to figure out “what was Silverlight doing under the covers? did I accidentally turn on some feature?”  My first thought is to reference my post on how to minimize CPU usage. We have to learn how to conserve not only energy but CPU cycles (yes, even if you…


See you at Remix Boston!

Weather has turned dreary in Seattle already, I’m headed to Boston for a bit of warmth and to see the leaves turn….but more importantly: I’m giving a talk at Remix Boston on Tuesday at 9am, introducing Silverlight as a developer and media platform. Send me a ping if you would like me to delve into…


Silverlight: A few thoughts on minimizing CPU usage

The first two suggestions will have the most drastic improvement on the performance of your Silverlight application, and can affect CPU usage, framerate, and application responsiveness.   1.       IsWindowless=false is faster Do not turn on isWindowless unless your design requires overlay of other HTML content on top of Silverlight content.   2.       Opaque Background is…


HW Acceleration of Layered Windows – Good news!

Good news! A QFE has been released to enable WPF HW acceleration on layered windows on XP: enjoy!


a vista simulator in WPF/E?

This is very sweet… click on the button on the left (I don’t know what the right button does…translations are welcome)


Feb CTP for WPF/E is here!

The most recent CTP for WPF/E on the Windows and Mac are now live. Check out the details on Mike’s blog Enjoy!.seema.