MSDN Library and our "Coverage" Standards

CodeProject I want to preface this article that the processes described are not generic to Microsoft and are specific to my team at the time that I was writing SDK documentation.  Please take this information with a grain of salt as processes on other teams (under different management, for example) could be entirely different and…


Windows Developer Center Updates for 02/18/2011

This week, I published a blog post on Windows Touch: 3D Manipulation and Custom Gestures in C++.  In that post I covered some interesting nuances with WIndows Touch that Reed Townsend showcased at PDC 2009.  The first key point was creating a “WM_TOUCH message sliding window” which averages touch messages to give a smoother touch experience in some cases. …


Custom Gestures for 3D Manipulation Using Windows Touch in C++

My CodeProject Entries My CodeProject Entries   At PDC 2009, Reed Townsend presented some very exciting multitouch samples in a presentation: Windows Touch Deep Dive. The following video shows the presentation: This blog post covers the code behind the custom 3D manipulations that were presented.  You can download the 3D manipulations code sample for this from my server.  Note…


Creating Windows Touch Control Frameworks in C++ (PhotoStrip)

My CodeProject Entries At PDC 2009, Reed Townsend presented some very exciting multitouch samples in a presentation: Windows Touch Deep Dive.  The following video shows the presentation:     Many customers have been asking about how to properly handle multiple window objects and the first half of his presentation does a great job explaining the…


Basics of using the Command Window in Visual Studio 2010

Here at Microsoft, developers LOVE the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) because it saves developers time by being well featured and powerful.  After working at Microsoft for a while I noticed that the Windows core developers use a feature of Visual Studio, the Command Window, in their day-to-day work as an essential part of development….


Microsoft Nomenclature for Developers

It’s slightly strange to think about but at Microsoft we have a certain internal culture around how we label things and the names that we choose for particular things.  I just have a few terms that I have thought of off hand.  What’s strange is that there are some subtle differences when we think of…


Browsable list of Windows Programming Topics

Just showing off a long list of resources that will eventually make it into the Windows Developer Center.  If you are interested in topics like how to write a Windows app, grab my excel spreadsheet with pivots of Windows developer resources and browse around in the pivots as I show in the video. Apologies for the sound quality, I…


Hilo Chapter 3 is now live!

The third Chapter of the Hilo browser articleseries has gone live today.  In this chapter, the Hilo team discusses the technology decisions that they made while they were developing their application.  In summary, they cover: Choosing the programming language for applications Choosing the development tools Choosing the graphics library Choosing the application framework Targeting Windows…