Looking back, a summary of key improvements to the Windows Desktop developer center in 2010-2011

It's been a little over a year since I started working on the Windows Desktop developer center and boy has it been hard work!  We have delivered a number of exciting changes to the center and as I have referenced these changes rather randomly, I thought it would be interesting to summarize them all.  But, before we dive into this, consider where we started: the Windows Developer center launch for Windows 7.  This release added the existing look and feel to the center along with a number of content refreshes to reflect the new APIs and features introduced with Windows 7.

After the Windows 7 release, we drove the following content updates and changes to the center:

And here we are today!  We're heads down on reorganizing our content still but hopefully in the coming weeks we will begin delivering updates to make our content more discoverable and better for getting developers coding!

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