Windows Desktop Developer Center Updates for 08.12.2011

This week, we launched our new Facebook pages and we made a few tweaks to the forums.  We're working hard on some updates that we can't discuss in detail yet for a number of reasons but understand that we have big plans for the center in the coming months and we can't wait to hear what you think once the major updates are in place.

Facebook Pages

The changes to the Facebook pages are a little tricky to understand at first so here are a few notes.  First, the way that our new pages work are there are tabs for each audience (everyone, developer, student, and business).  In order to receive updates for Developer content, first start on the What's new tab for Windows.  Once here, select the Developer section and click like.  On the developer tab for what's new, you can access the Facebook wall for Windows developers, can coordinate with other developers on events like BUILD, and can see the latest content that we're sharing on Facebook.  Secondly, there is an additional tab, More Social, that currently contains a few links and feeds that are relevant to Windows developers but that in the longer term will have more comprehensive sources for content.  We're taking baby steps for now, but once we start seeing traction in the Facebook communities, we'll start running with discussions through the pages.

Forum Updates

We have been struggling a little bit with the updates to forums that we started last week.  Many of the forums are being retired and once they are, the forums will have sticky notes added to them in order to move the communities temporarily until we have struck together the new organization and breakdown for Windows developer forums. Bear with us, this will be a little confusing for the time being but it will be much better than it currently is once we're done.  Please let us know if a forum that you were active in has been shut down and doesn't have a good redirect link in the sticky notes.

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  1. Im trying to access the multipoint forum which was open till july or august of last year then shutdown. Im working on a project and was needing to access it. Can you please provide a replacement forum for multipoint and a new forum for mouse mischief users or a better communication method because their are a fair amount of people asking about customizing mouse mischief every once and awhile in the forums.

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