(non-technical) Show/Hide the Ribbon UI

I have heard some complaints from friends that the Ribbon UI is too big and takes up too much vertical space.  Then I showed them this little button:   It lets you pop in and pop out the ribbon.  The following video shows this in action:  


Windows Desktop Developer Center Updates for 04.29.2011

This week, two new videos were released showcasing Windows Touch features.  The first video, Exploring Touch Support in Windows 7 gives you an overview of the Windows Touch features for developers. The second video, Windows 7 Text Input Panel, shows you how the TIP can be programmed. I think Todd did a great job on these…


Windows Developer Center Roundup for 04.22.2011

Last week, I was out, apologies for losing my cadence with the roundups.  Anyways, this week has been huge!  We have finished updating a number of the pages for the dev center so let us know what you think.  Without further ado, the list is as follows: Windows Application Compatibility Learn about Windows 7: Taskbar…


(offtopic) Starting a diet by avoiding the cafeteria

So recently, I have decided I need to get in better shape (everybody seems to do this at two points in the year, New Year’s day, and the springtime!).  Anyways, I’m in pretty bad shape from a – dang I am getting heavy – perspective.  Since starting at Microsoft I have gained 50 lbs and it’s not the…


Windows Developer Center Roundup for 04.08.2011

This week, we have been working to clarify the updates to the developer center so that some of the first pages can be updated.  Also, we shared some notes on the improvements to search on the developer center. Clarifying Updates on the Developer Center The project to improve and standardize content within the developer center is…


Search Updates to the Windows Developer Center

Recently, some search updates were made to the Windows Developer center that scope searches to the center as well as the Win32 and COM content on the MSDN library. The search that I’m referring to is the one that appears on the top of the Windows Developer center page right here:   For example, if you…