My first Screencast Series covering Windows Touch in C++/Win32 is Live!

A few months ago, I worked on some very simple samples that demonstrate how to program Windows touch applications in Win32 using GDI for drawing and C++ as the underlying programming language.  C++ Source code accompanying the Windows Touch Screencasts is available on code gallery.  Appologies for the video not properly embedding, the embed code on the MSDN video player seems to have a bug in it.

Windows Touch 101: Simple GDI programming and hooking Windows Touch to Win32 Applications in C++

Windows Touch Screencast 110: Touch Programming in C++ 

 Windows Touch 110: Using the Manipulation Processor in a Simple Win32 and GDI application in C++

 Windows Touch Screencast 120: Touch Programming in C++ 

Windows Touch 120: Adding Inertia to an Application using the Manipulation Processor in C++

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  1. Jerry Jackson says:

    Useless. Why take a whole screen bitmap and convert it into a 550 x 412 PNG file.

    It will probably be illegible and it sure as hell is

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