Windows Developer Center Updates for 1/28/2011

We didn't publish any significant content to the developer center this week but I found a couple really neat resources and produced a short blog post on Using the Visual Studio Command Window.

Dev Labs

If you are looking for some cool hands on labs showcasing managed and HTML apps, you should look no further than the DevLabs portal.  This (beta) site has a few libraries and emerging tools that will be coming from developer content teams within Microsoft.  Make sure to give them feedback when you check out the site.

WPF or Silverlight?

I'd swear the number 1 question that I got at PDC 2009 was "We are looking to develop an application using a new managed UI, should we go with WPF or Silverlight?"  Until recently, I haven't been able to say either way because I'm not an expert in this area.  However, there is now a Code Gallery page with a whitepaper on the differences and differentiators between Silverlight and WPF. If you're looking to adopt either technology that is probably the best place to start.

SEO on the Developer Center

It's been a short week but we're still working hard on improving the content for the Windows Developer center.  This week, I updated lots of dead links that I found on the center that were created through the localization pilot.  Hopefully more people will be able to get to the right Windows SDK page from search now.

Remember, that you can find us (Windows Developers) on Twitter. If you mention us in questions (by appending @windevs), we will do our best to get an answer.  If you have feedback and mention us, we'll make sure it gets to the feature team.

Thanks for reading!

-Gus (@gguuss)

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