Developer Content Internationalization Pilot (ZN-CN/JA-JP) and Other Windows Developer News

Developer Content Internationalization Pilot

For the first time, we have internationalized many large swaths of the Windows developer content on MSDN.  This effort was piloted by my teammate who had experience with internationalization and has very much been driven by the interests of many teammates and leaders in our organization who are not from the US.  Planning drove the selection of both the content and the languages localized to and we tried to find the content with the highest traffic and most glaring opportunity in terms of customer satisfaction.

Without further ado, the following developer content sections of MDSN have been localized:

Software Content

Driver Content:

When we entered the pilot, we have been asking, "If we translate this content, will it attract more customers and will it make them happier to have content in their native language?"

We have been targeting the Japanese and Chinese languages.  If you are a native Japanese or Chinese speaker who is working in one of the aforementioned areas, please check out the localized content and send us feedback by emailing

Fun Content from Around the Web

There was a really fun sample that I saw mentioned, AutoTune in .NET.  This cool sample shows how pitch correction works and how you can perform pitch correction using the Windows multimedia stack.

Microsoft's Keynote headlined CES this week and made many exciting announcements for consumers as well as for hardware manufacturers and developers.  Most interesting to Windows Developers and hardware manufacturers is that Microsoft will be shipping an ARM version of Windows in the next release of Windows.  I can't really comment on the implications that this has to developers and manufacturers but it is a meaningful announcement that at the very least means that the next generation of Windows will embrace the instant-on philosophy, low power consumption, and smaller form factors that ARM and other SoC solutions afford.

After seeing MFDub a while ago, I was aware that there is a Media Foundation blog out there.  What I wasn't aware of was all the awesome content these guys have produced.  For example, there's an updated version of the MFSimpleEncode sample that ships in the Windows SDK.  I have been playing around with this sample for a Web cam / lurker detection app that I have been creating for my office.

I just discovered The Green Button forums, which is pretty much the only place on the web that you should go to if you are developing Media Center plugins.  Also, I haven't said this before, but Media Center is freaking sweet and ships with most of the Windows 7 SKUs.

See Also

That's all for today, as always, drop me some comments!  I'm trying to get approval for a few posts about some of our internal stuff for documenting features but if there's other topics you would like to hear about or other pain points that you have with our developer content, let me know.

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