Windows Developer Center Updates for 1/28/2011

We didn’t publish any significant content to the developer center this week but I found a couple really neat resources and produced a short blog post on Using the Visual Studio Command Window. Dev Labs If you are looking for some cool hands on labs showcasing managed and HTML apps, you should look no further…


Basics of using the Command Window in Visual Studio 2010

Here at Microsoft, developers LOVE the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) because it saves developers time by being well featured and powerful.  After working at Microsoft for a while I noticed that the Windows core developers use a feature of Visual Studio, the Command Window, in their day-to-day work as an essential part of development….


Windows Developer Center Updates for 1/21/2010

This week, we published a new whitepaper and produced a short video on building C++ projects using only the Windows SDK. Power Management Whitepaper We published the case study: Adobe Flash Player gets Energy Smart to the Windows Power Management learning path.  This case study shows how Adobe adopted the best practices for energy conservation in…


Windows Developer Center Updates for 1/14/2010

Internationalization / Loc Pilot I mentioned in an earlier post this week that we have localized some existing DPE content to the ZN-CN locale. In addition to these videos, new translations to the JA-JP locale have been produced.  The following list summarizes these:  Windows Scenic Animation の概要 Windows 7 徹底解剖: アニメーション マネージャーの詳細とチュートリアル Windows アニメーション -…


More Content Pilots with Internationalization

On Friday, I wrote a brief post about content from the MSDN Library that was recently localized as a pilot to test the impact with developer content.  There was also a few videos that were subtitled in ZN-CN.  The following list summarizes these:   Windows 7 传感器和位置 – 开发驱动程序第 1 部分 Windows 7 传感器和位置 –…


Developer Content Internationalization Pilot (ZN-CN/JA-JP) and Other Windows Developer News

Developer Content Internationalization Pilot For the first time, we have internationalized many large swaths of the Windows developer content on MSDN.  This effort was piloted by my teammate who had experience with internationalization and has very much been driven by the interests of many teammates and leaders in our organization who are not from the…


The Redmond Reality Distortion Field (RDF) and Developer Documentation

I just saw a couple of fun posts about the Redmond Reality Distortion Field (RDF) and it really resonated with how we organize our developer documentation and how we think about our products.  The gist of what the RDF means in the context of Microsoft is that we oftentimes have an unrealistic perception of who are…


Goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

2010 has been a great year for me and for the Windows Developer center and it has been a blast working on some really cool projects.  The biggest highlights from last year that I can remember right now are: The Hilo Learning Series Power Management Learning Path The DirectCompute learning series videos The Field Content…