Windows Developer Center Updates for the week of 12/24/2010

One of the last weeks of the year!  The office has been very slow this week and there haven’t been content updates or releases due to the limited people working. That said, I have a few reminders and recommendations for content that might be helpful for budding and experienced programmers:

  • The Beginner Developer Learning Center – A great developer resource for beginners, this will get you from having zero programming experience to understanding the fundamentals
  • Windows Developer Center – Learn the latest features and best practices while programming for Windows.
  • MSDEV – Microsoft sponsored developer learning resources
  • –  The new home and hub resources for Microsoft developers
  • Windows Developer Forums – Get answers and recommendations from experts at Microsoft and others
  • Stackoverflow – See ranked answers to common developer questions
  • The OId New Thing (some humor, lots of deep dives) – Raymond Chen’s blog about the development architecture of Windows and some internal stories from over the years
  • Scott Guthrie’s Blog– ASP.NET, Silverlight, and related articles from an industry leader
  • Slashdot (humor) – How can a non-techie learn programming? – “Give someone a program, frustrate them for a day. Teach someone to program, frustrate them for a lifetime.” – Slashdot user Radres
  • So you want to be a Developer – Gizmodo’s Darkly Humorous take on Professional Development
  • The US ISV Evangelism Blog– Announcements about upcoming events and resources for software venders

Have a great holiday!

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