Windows Developer Center Updates for 12/17/2010

There are a few things that have been going on for Windows developers over the past week:

  • Imagine Cup is spinning up again, the next US finals take place in Seattle, WA on April, 2011.
  • The Windows Developer Boot camp program has made developments and 
  • Cool Multitouch articles from @jennifermarsman
  • Find us on Twitter, now with more developer contacts from within Windows!


Imagine Cup 2011

The Imagine Cup is a competition where students use Microsoft software to create games, applications, digital media, embedded systems, or solve IT challenges.  Winners receive cash and are entered into the world championships where the stakes are higher.

The following dates are important for Imagine cup in 2011:


  • Spring Round 1: February 15, 2011
  • Spring Round 2: March 14, 2011
  • U.S. Finals: April 2011


To find out more about the US competition, visit the Imagine Cup 2011 US site.  If you are a student outside the US, the Imagine Cup World site is for you!

Windows Development Boot Camps

The Windows Developer Boot Camps will be happening over the first two months of 2011 in various cities around the US, see if there's one near you or sign up to host a boot camp if you think you can.  The boot camps integrate new training content with existing content to get you coding with the most important Windows 7 features as fast as possible.  You will get hands on coding time with experts who will be able to help you should you encounter issues or if you have questions that go beyond the training.  The Windows Development Boot camp team has a twitter account so follow them to engage or stay on top of the latest updates.

New Multitouch Articles

Jennifer Marsman's blog has some great new articles on Multitouch programming for Windows 7.  The following topics are covered:

The timing of these articles couldn't be better, HP's new Slate just recently has started showing up in retailers signalling the first wave of tiny slate Windows 7 computers.

Find us on Twitter

There have been some new developer content team members getting engaged on twitter. The following list has a couple of them:

You can find me on twitter and I'm still doing more frequent updates for the Windows Developer Center. Feel free to ask me any questions or just say "hi @gguuss!".  Have a great weekend!

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