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Hilo Chapter 13: Enhancing the Hilo Browser User Interface was released.  This article introduces the sharing features that were adding in Hilo sample code drop 3 on code gallery. This article also explains the Touch enhancements that were made in Hilo browser to enable panning, zooming, and other gestures that are enabled with the Windows Touch API.

The Windows team blog has a blog post, Power Management Guidelines, that explains why developers should care about creating power-aware applications.  The key points are that you can reduce the power consumption of your application and improve performance by testing your application for some basic power considerations and that power considerations should be a consideration for all Windows developers.

Mike Wasson wrote Learn to Program for Windows Module 4: User Input for the Learn to Program for Windows in C++ series.  This new module covers:



So there's plenty of interesting content in the module that is great for beginners but that might be useful even for more seasoned C++ programmers.  

We recently updated the 


What's the standard way to use GetMessage?

Adeyblue brought up a good point on the Learn to Program for Windows series.  The way that the message loop is handled in the series:


while (GetMessage(…))

is inconsistent with other guidance from the Windows API GetMessage where developers approach the message loop using the following coding pattern:


     while (ret = GetMessage(…)))
           if (ret == -1)
                // fail

While there may be some confusion between which method / approach you take in your applications, both are perfectly good approaches because GetMessage should return -1 only on invalid parameters which means that correct code will not receive this error.

IE 9 Quirks and Tips

A coworker has been experiencing a small issue in IE 9 where sometimes performing queries directly from the address bar ala Chrome causes the browser to return the "I'm feeling lucky" style result.  To resolve this, he used a really nifty trick: put a ? into the address bar and it will then correctly perform searches.  Another way to fix it is to use the Control + E hotkey (search) or by pressing alt+enter when the content is in the URL (open search result in a new tab).

The IE blog recently posted a few handy shortcuts for the notification bar:

Alt-N – gives focus to the notification bar 
Alt-N & Enter – corresponds to first button on the notification bar 
Alt-N & Esc – dismisses the notification bar

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  1. charrmisty says:

    i am haveing  problem with IE9 when i  try to go to my email from msn  it  just  keep  refreshing over an over an i have had  to  load  google crome to be able  to get to my emil.. i want to take IE9 off  i want my IE8 back… how  do i  get IE9 off my pc ?????

    conact me plz at

  2. gclass says:


    1. Click your start menu

    2. Click Control Panel

    3. Programs and Features

    4. Click View Installed Updates

    There will be a section “Microsoft Windows”

    5. Find “Windows Internet Explorer 9” in the Microsoft Windows section

    6. Right click, Uninstall

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