Windows Developer News for the week of Sept 24th

This week we worked on refining portions of the existing content on the developer center and have been working on getting some great new content published.

Hilo Updates

Hilo App 3 and Hilo Chapter 12 were released!  The third app in the Hilo learning series has been released to the Hilo Code Gallery site and Hilo Chapter 12 has been released to the MSDN library.  The latest application and chapter show you how to integrate photo sharing with a Windows Native application.  Feel free to ask the development team questions on the Hilo Twitter account or on the Code Gallery site.

Internet Explorer 9 Updates

There have been a few UI and experience changes that people asked about on Twitter for Windows Developers and I thought I would share the solutions here:

Before IE 9, you could pin applications to the taskbar by dragging the site icon to the taskbar.  In IE 9, you need to drag a shortcut to the taskbar to pin sites.  This can be done quickly by first bookmarking the site (CTRL+D), then opening your favorites (ALT+A), then dragging the site from your favorites to the task bar.

Speaking of the taskbar and IE 9, if you are a site developer, you can add jump lists to the taskbar for your site and let users quickly navigate using the taskbar which simplifies the Touch experience and integrates tightly with Windows.

IE 9 Developer Previews continue to be released and Preview 5 was just launched on the Internet Explorer preview (ietestdrive) site.

A final pro tip about IE 9:  if your favorite site doesn't load (Hootsuite, for example) you can open up the developer tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard and can switch the browser mode to a previous version of the browser (IE 7 and later).  For Hootsuite, IE8 settings seem to work.

Windows Developer Center Updates

In this section I'll go over a few content areas of the Window Developer Center that have been evolving recently:

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