Windows Developer News for the week of September 17th 2010

This week a lot was happening in the Windows Developer world and we did a lot of great work for the developer center.

  • Internet Explorer 9 launched
  • We released the browse by resource type content to the developer center
  • The power learning path was updated

I wrote a short blog post summarizing IE 9 resources for developers but the most important links are:


We released the browse by resource type content pages. These pages give you a buffet of resources that you can search or browse.  The following pages were created:

We republished the Power Management learning path for Windows Developers.  This page now has short descriptions for the various sections and also adds the Joulemeter tool by Microsoft Research and the following videos:

This weekend I'll be biking the Chuckanut Century, hopefully I make it back alive to try and get the next Hilo chapter online - the northwest fall weather has started to pick up and it's gonna be a wet 100 miles!

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