Windows Developer News for the weeks of Sept 3rd and 10th

A couple things have been happening around the developer center:

Last Wednesday we published Hilo Chapter 10 - Windows Ribbon and today we published Hilo Chapter 11 - The Windows Imaging Component. These chapters go over some of the Windows features that were integrated into the Hilo annotator application.  If you are interested in learning how to write a Windows app, haven't seen the content yet, or are interested in how to design a Windows app, make sure to check out the Hilo content.

The beta for Internet Explorer 9 is now less than a week away!  On Wednesday the 15th, the official beta releases and you will be able to check out the new look and feel of IE9 and will be able to take advantage of it's standards-based, hardware accelerated, rendering engine.  Keep an eye on the IE team blog for details about the download when it becomes available.

Last week we published the Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 8 migration guide to the MSDN library.  This guide covers many of the technical aspects and challenges that developers will face when testing and fixing sites that previously were targeted to IE6.  This guide also covers the tools and resources that are available for making it easier for developers to test and update their sites when migrating to IE8.  Also of interest is that the compatibility mode discussion and tools discussion in the migration guide should cover the upcoming release, IE9.

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