Windows Developer News for the week of Aug. 8th, 2010

This week has been a rather eventful week.  Lots of releases and updates were announced and published.

The Direct Compute Series lecture: DirectCompute 210: GPU Optimizations and Performance was featured on Channel 9. James Fung, a Developer from NVIDIA, has been answering comments in the feed.  If you have any questions for him, go ahead and post them on the video. 

Somasegar posted an announcement on his blog that Visual Studio Lightswitchis coming and will enable building applications in the cloud using Silverlight. 

The Windows 7 App Quality Guide was updated and released to code gallery.  This guide helps you ensure that your applications will have good performance, reliability, and compatibility when running on Windows 7.

The final platform preview for Internet Explorer 9was released which shows fully hardware-accelerated HTML 5 and also includes a number of new demos showcasing what's possible when you have a web browser that is smokin' fast and tightly integrated with Windows.

Ribbon for WPF was released.  You can now add this touchable and usable interface that is now a component of Windows to your WPF applications with ease.

Hilo Chapter 5 went live and next week, we'll be publishing a huge installment of Hilo chapters.  I don't want to spoil any surprises, but another app is in the works showing deeper development with C++.  Chapter 5 covers the Hilo Common Libraryand shows how the Hilo project reuses a ton of code for improved manageability.

I also shared a large corpus of Windows Developer linksthat summarize developer documentation that Microsoft has published to help Windows developers get going fast.  In the future, I will be working with MSDN to get these links into a browsable experience that makes it easy to find solutions to typical Windows developer tasks.  I didn't have time to put pivot tables in the excel spreadsheet before I posted the link, but I strongly recommend you insert them yourself if you want to filter through all the content.

I have started work on a series of Windows Touch screencasts that will show you how to take advantage of Windows touch in your applications.  Let me know in the comments if there are any combination of Windows technologies that you would like to see me showcase integration with Windows touch on.  Windows touch is going to really pick up soon when the Windows 7 Slate computers start launching in the coming months and has a special place in my heart because I authored the Windows Touch Documentation on MSDN.

Also, feel free to give any feedback on the developer center or Windows developer documentation in the comments on my blog and I'll make sure that the SDK documentation and Developer Center feedback gets to the right people.

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