DirectCompute Experts Answering Questions on Channel 9 and other Windows Developer news…

Over the past two weeks, the DirectCompute lecture series have been getting promoted on Channel 9's front page.  This will continue through August with a new lecture being promoted every Wednesday morning.  We've been asking the experts to participate in the comment discussion the week their lecture was promoted so make sure to ask questions on the posts if you have them.  The following links will point you to the lectures:

We found out this week that the latest versions of the accessibility tools are now included in the Windows SDK.  After the tools are installed, you will see the tools in the folder Start -> All  Programs -> Microsoft SDK v7.1 -> Tools. The most notable tool, AccEvent.exe lets you validate that your application has an accessible User Interface by watching for accessible events in the applications messages.

If you are interested in testing for compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, you might want to look into the Beta of SP1.

We announced this week that there will be a PDC this year and that it's going to be in the heart of Microsoft in Redmond.  The event will just be two days this year and will take place on October 28th and 29th. It looks like the focus this year will be less on Windows and more focused to Windows Phone 7, Cloud Services, and Web.  You can find out more information on the Microsoft PDC / PDC10 site.  If you're attending feel free to comment if you want to meet me - I'll show you where the good cafeterias on campus are.

The Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC 2010) just finished up yesterday.  There have been tons of great presentations and Microsoft has been making product announcements like crazy!  You can see presentations, keynotes, and find out more news on the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference website.

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