Hilo Chapter 4 and new DirectCompute lectures live

So we just finished updating the Hilo article series to include another chapter.  This chapter covers the design considerations that were made before the team underwent development with the project.  They covered a number of interesting brainstorming and design topics that are uncommon for MSDN.  For example, check out the bubble diagram they used:

They pivoted around the various tasks that they wanted the user to perform with their application and then identified scenarios around those tasks.  They also cover storyboarding, which is a technique that is very popular in the Windows team.  They conclude with showing their application mockups, and how they iterated on the design.  I really like their mockup of the orbital model and really wish that glassy feel made it to the final product. 

More chapters will be coming soon for Hilo, so keep an eye out for announcements on my blog, on the Windows Developers twitter feed, and on the Windows Developers Facebook fan page.

The DirectCompute lecture series has been continuing and we have now published the roundtable discussion as well as 5 lecture videos:

The final video, DirectCompute 230: GPU Accellerated Physics,  will be available from the DirectCompute Lecture Series on Friday.

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