Hilo Chapter 3 is now live!

The third Chapter of the Hilo browser articleseries has gone live today.  In this chapter, the Hilo team discusses the technology decisions that they made while they were developing their application.  In summary, they cover:

  • Choosing the programming language for applications
  • Choosing the development tools
  • Choosing the graphics library
  • Choosing the application framework
  • Targeting Windows 7
  • Componentization for code objects
  • Using C++ COM Keywords
  • Using COM with C++

This article is exciting because it's the first article that really begins to get down and dirty with the technical decisions that software developers programming on Windows must make when they undertake a large project.  The article also does a great job of introducing some of the challenging aspects of developing COM applications.

If the third chapter of the Hilo browser article series leaves you wanting to learn more about COM and Windows development, check Mike Wasson's excellent introduction to Windows programming.  You can also check the Hilo landing page for more information about Hilo and for updates.  The source code for Hilo is available from the Hilo Code Gallery.

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