New Videos for DirectCompute Lecture Series

We just finished posting the third video in the DirectCompute lecture series.  The video is titled: DirectCompute 110: Memory Patterns.  In this video, Matt Sandy, a program manager on the DirectX team, provides an in depth look at memory usage patterns in DirectCompute.  The following topics are covered by this video:

  • An overview of how memory resources are used within a DirectCompute application.
  • Methods for identifying execution threads.
  • Data I/O patterns for various resource types.
  • How to utilize groupshared memory to improve application performance.

You can download slides for this lecture from the Code Gallery site for the DirectCompute Lecture Series.  Also, there is a great Hands on Lab that was released at PDC 2009, the DirectCompute HOL.

For more information about DirectX, check the DirectX Developer Center and the Windows Developer Center.

You can also download the Direct X SDK and learn more about the June 2010 DirectX release.

You can also see all the videos in the DirectCompute lecture series.  These videos currently include An Introduction to DirectCompute and the DirectCompute Expert Roundtable Discussion.

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