June 2010 release of the DirectX SDK is now live!

The June 2010 release of the DirectX SDK is now available for download:




What's New in the June 2010 DirectX SDK

This version of the DirectX SDK contains the following new features, tools, and documentation.

Visual Studio 2010 Support

The June 2010 DirectX SDK includes support for Visual Studio 2010. The DirectX SDK will continue to support Visual Studio 2008 as well. However, Visual Studio 2005 will no longer be supported.

PIX: Object Naming Support

The June 2010 version of PIX supports naming for most resource objects in Direct3D (D3D). Direct3D enables developers to attach arbitrary data to objects in D3D code using the SetPrivateData API for application-specific usage. PIX will now display specific string data for objects in the Object Table and other user interface elements where a human-readable object name will provide a much more effective experience for the user.

PIX: Usability Improvements

The June 2010 version of PIX includes improvements to the PIX user interface:

  • The Object Table shows the size and shader model for each shader.
  • In the Shader Debugger, there is a new toolbar button that enables the display of all constant registers/variables immediately, rather than the first time they are read.
  • In the Shader Debugger, it is possible to copy register and variable data to the clipboard.
  • The Summary pane has a new Direct3D Information section, that shows details about what Direct3D capabilities are present on the computer.

XNAMath C++ SIMD Math Library

The June 2010 release updates XNAMath to version 2.03, which includes the following changes:

  • Addition of XMVectorDivide to optimize SSE2 vector division operations
  • Unified handling of floating-point specials between the Windows SSE2 and no-intrinsics implementations
  • Use of Visual Studio style SAL annotations
  • Modifications to the C++ declarations for XMFLOAT2A/3A/4A/4X3A/4X4A to better support these types in C++ templates

Version-less Naming of Cross-Runtime Data Types

The June 2010 DirectX SDK removes versioning from several Direct3D data types that cross runtime versions. This change makes legacy data-type names equivalent to the new version-less data-type names. Therefore, you can use either legacy or version-less names. However, your code will be cleaner and easier to maintain if you use the version-less names.

New D3DCreateBlob Function

The June 2010 DirectX SDK includes a D3dcompiler_43.dll that exports the new D3DCreateBlob function. Therefore, you are no longer required to use D3d10.dll to create and use an arbitrary length data object.

New ID3D11ShaderReflection Method

The June 2010 DirectX SDK adds the following new method to the ID3D11ShaderReflection interface:

  • GetThreadGroupSize

New HLSL Language fixes and features

HLSL has been updated with the following fixes and features:

  • The frexp intrinsic function has been updated to return a mantissa in the range of [0.5,1.0].
  • New intrinsic functions have been added for better debugging support.
    • printf -- submits custom shader messages to the information queue.
    • errorf -- submits custom shader error messages to the information queue.
    • abort -- submits custom shader error messages to the information queue and terminates the current draw or dispatch call being executed.
  • Left-Hand-Side typecasting is now illegal and will cause a compile error.
    • Expressions such as (int)myFloat = myInt; are no longer valid. Use myFloat = (float)myInt; type syntax instead.

New HLSL Compiler fixes and features

The HLSL Effects compiler (fxc.exe) has been updated with the following fixes and features:

  • No-optimization (/Od) compiles will produce less-optimized code than before in order to provide improved debugging.
  • No-optimization (/Od) now implies (/Gfp).
  • New compression (/compress) and decompression (/decompress) options have been added to enable the bundling and unbundling of shader files.
  • A new numbering instructions (/Ni) flag has been added to turn on numbering of instructions in shader disassembly.
  • Fxc.exe has a new @command.option.file feature for specifying command options in a file. This enables the /compress and /decompress options to be used on many files at once.

New D3D11 HLSL Format Conversion Functions

The new D3DX_DXGIFormatConvert.inl inline header includes light-weight conversion functions for use in Compute Shaders or Pixel Shaders on D3D11 Hardware that can be useful when applications need to simultaneously read and write to textures, such as in-place editing scenarios.

Documentation Enhancements

The June 2010 DirectX SDK includes the following documentation enhancements:

  • Added links to descriptions of data types for parameters and return values to help developers locate related types.

Added additional header and lib information to reference pages for APIs implemented in DirectX samples.

Comments (11)

  1. Panagiotis Georgiadis says:

    I'm getting an error code "S1010" during the installation of the latest DIrectX SDK. There is currently little knowledge about what is going on around this issue, since it is very fresh (my internet search yields almost nothing on the subject). If there is nothing seriously wrong with my PC's setup, I tend to believe that this release was a bit hasty.

  2. gclass says:

    This could be caused by a number of things, if you're running a version of Windows earlier than Windows 7, you may have to install all the Service Packs before the DirectX SDK will install.

  3. mtu says:

    I encountered this issue too.First I tried to install it according to the clues offered in  some bbs. Such as shut down windows audio service,close the anti-virus softwares. Besides I downloaded two different images from IE and firefox. And installed them on XP and windows  7. All failed.   the S1010 error message turned out again and again. who can tell me how to solve this problem.

  4. gclass says:

    I'll follow up with the product team about S1010.  I just did another install of the DX SDK without issues.

  5. gclass says:

    So the S1010 error message discussed in this thread is being tracked in this forum: forums.xna.com/…/334798.aspx

    We continue adding more information there as it is available.

  6. ATHMystikal says:

    The s1010 error is due to some security issues. It happens when we download the setup suing Internet Explorer. I downloaded exactly the same file with firefox and then opera. Both files worked and installation was a success. So believe the problem is due to some bug in IE8

  7. ssmith147 says:

    I was having the same issues.  I downloaded and installed Firebox, re-downloaded the June 2010 release and it installed fine.

    In my opinion, having to download a third-party browser to install this software is a sad statement.

    OS:  Vista SP2 x86

  8. Abdul says:


    every time I install it an error keeps popping, its say cant install, retry later.

    error code: S1010

    Thank you for your time

  9. Moko says:

    June 2010 setup executable file has not  been  packed  with files and settings! (<- its normal?)

    Should i need to redownload it again?

  10. gclass says:

    @Abdul, @Moko, Please ask your questions in the forums here: forums.xna.com/…/334798.aspx

  11. omar says:

    iam have a proplem DirextX SDK Eroor Code S 1001  need fixed Please

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