DirectCompute Lecture Series coming soon…

I’m excited to announce that we will be kicking off an exciting lecture series on DirectCompute.  The series will open with a round table hosted by Robert Hess featuring thought leaders in the space of parallel computing.


The DirectCompute Lecture Series will be a series of video lectures held by seasoned developers experienced with parallel computing and DirectCompute.  The series will include several lectures addressing key parallel programing scenarios.  It will begin with high-level topics common to most DirectCompute scenarios, and continue into deeper, narrower lectures which will examine more complex problems and algorithms.


If you are interested in doing some GPU computing, keep an eye on this link: as it will point to the lectures as they become available.


Currently, the following lectures are planned:

•Direct Compute Expert Roundtable

•Introduction to DirectCompute

•DirectCompute Memory Patterns

•Basics of DirectCompute Application Development

•DirectCompute GPU Optimizations and Performance

•DirectCompute GPU Accelerated Physics

•DirectCompute - Integration with the Graphics Pipeline


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