Normal Service Will Resume Soon

The coding fairies are been busy crafting code. Blogging (and maybe even Tweeting if there is a demand) will return soon and well have a few nice CTP’s for you to play with over the next few weeks.

Look for news about;

  • CAT.NET 2.0 CTP – Rebuilt from the ground up using Phoenix
  • WPL 1.0 CTP – with XSS and SQL injection protection at run-time
  • TAM 3.0 – Final release (with a very cool twist that we think the community will appreciate)
  • BitLocker Key Recovery Tool – A BitLocker key escrow system for enterprise type BitLocker deployments

CISF is also really starting to shape up and there will now be a major code drop early in the new year including a very cool security BI solution, a completely re-written portal (which also looks great), notification engine and more. All enterprise tools from our team (and there are several big ones that will be released in 2010) will require CISF moving forward.


Stay tuned!

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