Free PDF Download of “Beautiful Security” Chapter (Tomorrows Security Cogs and Levers) Here

Mark Curphey here…(@curphey on Twitter)

A few months ago I got an opportunity to work on a collaborative security book for O’Reilly called Beautiful Security. The concept was to gather together some folks who to share their thoughts on information security topics that they have some passion about. There is a great range of authors from Mudge (L0pht) to Phil Zimmerman (creator of PGP) to and Ed Bellis (CSO for Orbitz). You can buy the book on Amazon here.

O’Reilly are great to work with on books. While all the proceeds of the Beautiful Security book go to the IETF, O’Reilly encourage the authors to republish their own work at will and they even kindly provided me with a beautifully formatted PDF to redistribute. I hope you enjoy it!

Download “Beautiful Security – Tomorrows Security Cogs and Levers by Mark Curphey” PDF here.

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