Welcome to the Microsoft IT Information Security Tools Team Blog

We used to be called the Connected Information Security Group (CISG). The name change reflects an increased scope of tools that we are building and areas that we are focusing on so we have updated the blog URL. Well leave all the content on the old blog but all new content will be posted here.

As well as news about significant work on CAT.NET and a Beta for TAM 3.0 we plan to start sharing details of the development framework CISF that we are building and a Risk Tracker application; both of which we plan to release open source under an MS-PL license this summer. CISF is a set of reusable components and code from which you can assemble your own security management applications (including gluing various security tools and technology together). It’s built in C# and on the MSFT technology stack (.NET 3.5 (WWF, WCF. ASP.NET etc)), SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server. You can think of Risk Tracker as a “Security Starter Kit” using the CISF; it’s essentially a Risk Tracking application that we have built internally for the corporate information security team which we will generalize and share with the community. You will be able to run it as is or extend it with .NET and the CISF. We plan to extend both tools on a regular basis (quarterly updates) as we improve the tools and technology for internal use.

More news in a few weeks!



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