Help Me Out Contest #1

I am not much for begging or asking for help. I prefer to try and get results myself rather than have to rely on someone else to get things done… But the fact is that after a few months, I am getting some traction but am not making too much progress with my debt reduction effort….


Moving my Main Blog From MSDN to WWW.SebbyLive.Com

The time has come to finally move away from hosting my blog on MSDN. There are a few reasons for this transition but the two main deciding factors were that posting personal posts on a MSDN blog seemed odd (at least to me) and that I already had my own website to document my various…


Contest Reminder: Mini Website Design

This post is to serve as a reminder that the mini web design contest for my homepage is still going on till the end of september. So there is plenty of time to send in your entries. For all the contest details, visit my homepage at Here is the information from my original post……


Mini Website Design Contest

As some of you may have noticed, my home page ( is pretty bland. I myself do not have that much artistic skills and would rather focus my time and efforts on content rather than design. Because I do want my website to still look spiffy, I’ve decided to launch a little web design contest….