Leaving the ACES/FlightSim Team…

The time has come for me to move on to another pasture. After 4 years as a graphics developer (and more than 8 as a game developer), I have decided to take the plunge and explore something new and different...

Yep, starting Dec 3rd, I will be moving from the ACES team to the Media Center Extender team.  Although somewhat of a sharp direction change from my previous position, the new job is still graphics related but obviously focuses on low-level and embeded technologies. I always wanted to work on something that was more of a driving technology than a singular product. Although this is not within the console environment as I would have initially thought, the Media Center Extender is essentially at the center of the digital home (or at least will be) and it is actually exciting to be part of such a central piece of technology!

Why am I moving on? Well this is a tough question. There is alot of factors, some personal, some professional. But overall, suffice to say that I had reached the point where I needed new challenges. With the new year comming up, the best time ever for a fresh start 🙂

I do wish the best to the ACES crew... They have alot heading their way, but I also know they can step up and deliver!

Also, I take this opportunity to officially retire my MSDN blog... From now on, all posts will be done on my own personal blog at www.SebbyLive.com

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  1. Rockdirt says:

    Good luck with your role at the Media Center Extender team. It’s always good to mix things up with a career.

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