Neat Way to Generate Indirect Software Sales.

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My Winzip trial expired again, but this time I noticed something interesting. In addition to the "Buy Now" option, there was now a "Use TrialPay" option. Out of curiosity, I checked it out.

Turns out that they offer a new twist on affiliate marketting. Instead of loosing a sale when a customer does not feel like spending $XX for your software, you can use TrailPay to instead offer them a variety of partner offers for which they can join. If they do decide to signup for the offer, then TrialPay does pay you a portion of the affiliate proceeds and at the same time the customer gets a free copy of your software as a bonus. To quote their website:

TrialPay is an innovative payment method that enables customers to pay you by trying something else. Through TrialPay, customers can purchase your product or receive a gift certificate for your site by trying an offer from a reputable advertising partner. Because we have advertising partners who place high values on interacting with new customers, we can often pay you more for your product than the retail price. We have access to diverse offers from thousands of companies so your customers are guaranteed to find something they like. Why would you use TrialPay? The answer is simple — we are dramatically increasing sales for our merchants in the software, games, publishing, online services, and traditional retail goods industries.

We pay you

I myself have signed up and will be implementing their checkout as part of the checkout process for EasyBarcode. I am unsure how many more sales it will generate but from my experience, my customers do prefer to have various payment options. And TrialPay do offer a plus as they can sign up for another offer for which they may be interested and at the same time and get your software/product as a bonus. If you are selling software online, this is an option to consider. Click the logo below to visit the TrialPay website to get more details...

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