The ACES Team is Moving!!!

Yes, too many studios in a small building meant that many of us had to double up in our offices even though the offices were barely big enough. Microsoft is building several new sites but this does take time. In the meantime, they are shuffling teams around in order to maximize the space efficiency.

Although it may be a temporary solution until we are moved to the main campus, we are not moving this weekend from the Millenium complex (where most of the game studios were located) to the Willows building which is located on the other side of Redmond. The space is much larger for us and should accomodate for our currnet needs and growth over the next few years.

The drawback, at least for me, is that this effectively doubles my commute time. Not necessarily a big problem, but still somewhat of an annoyance. Can't wait to see what my new digs look like...

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