Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack: The Word is Spreading…

The word has started to spread about the upcoming Acceleration Pack. Seems that peple are areally looking forward to the new missions, aircrafts and scenery offered in the pack. And of course, this explains the usual "What have I been up to" question 🙂


Also, as part of the development process for the pack, we have implemented several performance improvements. Most of these will be availible for regular FSX customers through a new service pack. I will not get into specific details just yet as we still need to iron our the final wrinkles. But we have made significant improvements since the initial release of FSX...


GameTap: Flight Simulator X: Acceleration



GameSpot: Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration Hands-On



UPDATE: Sorry about the links, copy and pasted from my web mail which likes to redirect links throug itself... 🙁

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