Interesting 4th of July Holiday.

Somewhat out of the usual for us. My wife's uncle passed away a few weeks ago and therefore we inherited some really nice antique furniture in the process. So we flew to California this weekend to pick the furniture up. And now we are driving it back to Redmond in a rental truck. It's about a 12-16 hour drive which isn't too bad. Done it before, except it was mid winter and was NOT FUN!

At least this time the weather is nice, and it's looking good as we're half-way right now running away from a big heat wave. Was 96 or so in Redding today, the forecast for Thursday is 110!!! Yikes. The drive is going well, and the truck is almost brand new so it drives well and is comfy. Which I guess we lucked on. The only annoyance is this wierd on-and-off headache that i've been having over the past 5-6 days. Just one of those that nothing seems to make a dent in it. At least it keeps me awake on the road 🙂

Well right now, we are taking the evening off in the hotel room and am catching up on my email. The last hotel had "slower than dialup high-speed internet" and was barely able to check my email. Hopefuly traffic will cooperate and can make it back home tomorrow evening. 🙂

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