People Should Get a Pair of Glasses When They Open an eBay Account!

Ok, little rant on my part here. As I have been selling more and more on eBay, one thing I have come to realize is that people can't read!

You try and make things as clear as possible in your listing description. "This is an used...", "This is a Pre-order and will ship on...", "This item is untested and sold as-is..."...

Yet, I get stupid email with people asking me "Is this used?"... Well you would know if you actually read the first line of the auction listing!

The worse is people that bid, then email me to cancel their bid because they did not bother reading the description and terms of the auction. Or people that get their item and complain "Hey, it's used, I thought it was new I want a refund" even though the listing clearly stated that it was used. Then of course, they use the threat of negative feedback in order to get their way...

Sheesh. Ok, just had to vent!

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