What Else Could I do to Pay the Mortgage?

Hmm... More rambling thoughs, rants and sarcastic humor on my part....

1) Maybe I should charge a 1$ fine for every urban legend or "forward to 10 friends or you'll go to hell" emails I get from friends and relatives? I probably would be rich by now. Or at least they'd stop sending them to me...

2) Maybe I can pull a "Save Toby", get a bunny rabbit and threaten to eat it unless people send in donations...

3) Another option would be to sell pixels. Hey, http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/ supposedly raised 1 Million. Not sure that I totally buy this and I wonder which school this guy is going to that costs 1 Million in tuition??? Oh wait, like 1 million other sites tried to do the same thing... Bummer!

4) Maybe I should get one of those 5 digit cell phone thingies you see on TV. Keep seeing the ads, so I assume people are dumb enough to  pay $20/month to get a joke a day.

5) That's it, I need to form my own religion! Maybe I wouldn't make money but I wouldn't have to pay taxes anymore!! I have to say I have a thing for Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

6) Then again, maybe I should start writing some rap/hip-hop music. What's better than to make millions while promoting poor values such as gangs, trating women as sex objects,... Plus i'd get to wear like 100 pounds of bling, a good way to exercise!


From Comment "You can sell your CNC machine!":

Hehe. I assume this was meant in a sarcastic way. Well my other projects do cost money. Some of the spending could definetly be better done. But on the other hand, some of it has to be done to give me some "different" things to focus on in order to keep my sanity. Maybe once i've completed my design, I can manufacture more for resale if anyone is interested. But in the short term (post comming on this), the project is on hold until I have enough funds to build the framing for the machine...

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  1. publicuss says:

    You can sell your CNC machine!

  2. publicuss says:

    Well, considering that you just bought the house, you really should have budgeted for the mortgage payment already… What percentage of your income is servicing your mortgage?

    The old rule is that it should be under 30%.

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