SCAM – Beware of Liquidation.Com Part 2…

First of all, thanks to everyone who wrote. I already knew there was plenty of complaints about out there (which I should have done my research before dealing with them). But I was surprized that a post on my blog would generate such an interest.

Well I myself ran into more problems with them after my initial post.

One auction I had bid for was for 5 video cards. And since the auction was listed as "new" then I though it might be a good deal. It was, well until they factored in the shipping charges. The item was warehoused in Canada, having shipped internationally, I knew roughly what it would cost to ship the cards (especially since the auction was listed as being for a 10lbs box) and did not bother asking for a shipping quote. The auction closed for a little over $400 which was good, knowing I could get about $130-$150 per card on eBay. But I was more than shocked when the invoice came in, it was for more than $850!!!

Well turns out they decided that about $450 was an apropriate amount to charge for shipment of a 10lbs box from Canada to the USA (when it could have been done for somewhere around $50-70 with UPS/FedEx/DHL). Reading the fine print. Turns out that any order from Canada is charged a minimum of $100 for shipping (and then a per pound extra). In addition, they charge a $150 documentation fee for custom forms (which is beyond ridiculous for anything less than a palette or truckload). Even so, the math would only add up to about $270 for shipping and they would not provide me an explanation as to there the additional cost was comming from. So obviously, I refused to pay....

As a consequence, they locked out my account for non payment. As of course, the fine print says, they charge $200 for non-payment of an auction. The main problem is that be locking out my account, I could not submit feedback for some of the other items that had just arrived (and you only have 3 days to file a claim for a mis-represented item). In other words, the account lockout almost seemed like extortion to me when they could have easily just precventing me from making new purchases but still let me manage the rest of my account.

In other words, I have to cave to the $200 as one of the items was clearly mis-represented and wanted to file a claim (although I realized it probably would not do any good). Well then they decided to play me around in circles for a whole week. Waiting 2 days to tell me I needed to submit a charge authorization form. Then 2 days later, I had to call to learn that something was not filled right on the form. Then another 2 days to learn they had not recieved the fax and then finally they said they got it but it takes their accounting dept 2-3 days to process.

So in other words, they kept the clock ticking for the other auctions I had bid on and kept me hanging for over a week so any chance of filing a claim on any of the goods was pretty much gone.

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