The Tahoe Devkit is In!

After a long wait, my "Tahoe" dev kit has finally come in a few days ago.

 Tahoe Dev Kit

Comes in a nice little case, with everything needed to get started. The CD does contain a CD with a wide variety of samples. I have not had a chance to play with it yet, but the first things I need to determine are:

  • LCD Support: What is the built-in driver and what type of screen it can accomodate. Although the 2.5" screen that comes with the board is nice, I would prefer something in the 4-5" range with touchscreen support for my application.
  • Ethernet Support: The kit does not have support for this "out of the box" but there are several add-on modules which can do this using the I2C or SPI ports. I need to locate what is the best option for my application
  • User Interface: The .NET Micro Framework does support basic graphical capabilities, but I may need a higher-level system to tie it all together.
  • User Input: I have recieved samples of the capacitive touch sensors. However, to test them, I need to create a PCB. At this point, I am unsure whether or not I will wait for my CNC to be ready or simply have a few test boards pre-fabbed so I can start working on it.

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