Quick Project Update.

Had a few emails asking abouy my various projects. Thought a little update would be warranted. The short answer is that not much has happened since my last post. But here is an overview of the individual projects:

  • CNC Mill: Still waiting on the motor controller board. Since this is the key component that ties everything together, I cannot make much progress until I get this part. It has shipped from the UK but since they have shipped it parcel post, I am unsure exactly when it will come in. I have contacted them about this and they say that based on when it was shipped, I should get it early this week. *keeping fingers crossed*

  • Home Automation: I am still waiting on the "Thaoe" development board before I can start experienting with the electronics. Also, since I want to use the CNC Mill to engineer the circuit boards and panels, I cannot make much progress on this front.

  • Cell Phone / Smartphone: Little progress on this front. I have mainly read the documentation on the GSM/GPS module and really need to start playing with it. Although my overall design goal is to create a UMPC/Smartphone hybrid; I am thinking of starting off with a more basic cell phone design for me to experiment and concentrate on the core functionality of the cell phone.

So overall, most projects are dependant on the CNC Mill project, not just for my little projects but for some of the renovation projects around the house. At least I do have all the main parts and most of the work needed will be to put the pieces together and build a frame for the machine.

With my finger still in a splint, it is hard yo get any significant manual labor done. Even typing is somewhat difficult. On the bring side, the splint does come off on tuesday so I should be a little more "mobile"...

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