The One-Haned Post… :)

No, nothing twisted. Just still have my splint on my right hand so I almost have to type using a single hand 🙂 Its been a while since i've posted a general update. So I thought today would be as good a day as any...


Last week has been pretty bad health wise. If you factor in my finger surgery and the fact that my IBS has returned full-force. It has been somewhat of a "crappy" (pun intended) week.

My finger isn't doing bad. But the splint has caused my to overcompensate and now my wrist hurts... Hehe. Guess I should have not been using that hand but then again I had work and other things to do.

For the digestive issues, well at least now that it's back full-force this means I am officially off the clinical trial I have been on. With the addition of a little $300 check, I now know the medecine which they are investigating (although not FDA approved for this use) so I can try and bug my Dr. to get a prescription for a full treatment (since I am not even sure if I ever got any meds).

My bipolar has been doing pretty well over the past week, especially considering all the other health issues that have been going on. Tomorrow, I will cut my anti-depressants in half again (i.e going from 10mg to 5mg of Lexapro). The reduction so far seems to have made my mood less volatile. So hopefully by cutting off completely, I will finally even out (or at least be a little more predictable).

Home Projects

Not much has happened on this front. At this point, I am mainly waiting on parts to come in. Hopefuly I will be able to start playing with some of the components later this week and will start making some progress on my CNC Mill project. Since my last post, I have recieved the actuall router for the mill and the Z-axis slide for the router, the main component that is missing at this point is the controller board for the step motors, which is what I really need to start hooking things together...

The only other things that will be missing is what I need to build a frame, but I am still debating which material to use, on one hand wood would be cheap and easy but I worry that it will warp over time. The ideal solution would be an extruded aluminium frame but these are more expensive, especially for Version 1.0 of my mill 🙂

In the meantime, I am focusing mostly on household projects such as cleaning and painting, nothing too exciting there 🙂  I've also kept my eBay garage sale going. Books are selling really well and i'm probably about 30-40% through my inventory. This should really help clear up some garage space. And I have been using the proceeds to partially pay off some debts and finance my other home projects.


Just recieved the proof for the second edition of Practical .NET 2 and C#2. I am going through it this week and gathering the funds needed for the print run. The book should be fresh out of the printer by the end of May and with a little luck, on bookshelves around July. As a side note, I will be offering an "upgrade" program for those who already purchased the first edition and want to get the new revised edition. I also plan on having the new edition for sale at a special launch price before it officially hits the shelves... I have two other books in the works at the moment. One relates to VS 2005 express however the author has been MIA for the past few months and with the upcoming release of Orca, the title might be delayed so it can be updated for the new release. The other title is related to Ruby on Rails, we are a little behind schedule on the translation (my hand surgery isn't helping there!) but hope to have this title out by the end of the summer.


Work is going well. The Flight Simulator service pack is almost out the door and I have been busy mostly helping fix a last few pending bugs. Of course, this week, it is really hard to be efficient typing with 1 1/2 hand. But I do the best I can...

Currently, I am still on part-time work but will be ramping up my schedule and will be back full time at the end of May. Hopefuly by ramping up I can get my sleep/work balance back to normal and be more energetic on a daily basis (of course, some sunshine outside would help!!)

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